Integration with Optimal Layout

I use Optimal Layout to switch application windows. I love the keyboard control in TotalSpaces and was hoping that Optimal Layout would switch between application windows on the current desktop only. However, it switches between all windows, even those on other desktops. Is there a way to limit this? Or, if there is another application switcher that integrates better with TotalSpaces, I’d consider it. Related is that the standard OSX Command-` (switch between instances of application) also cycles across desktops, rather than limiting to the current desktop.

We know and like Optimal Layout.

But I don’t know of any particular app or way of switching but limiting to the current desktop.

(Actually it could be done via the TotalSpaces2 API, but I personally don’t have any plans to make a plugin for this.)

Best thing I can suggest is you write to Ben of Optimal Layout and ask him if it can be done.