Is it possible to save predefined layouts?

I use a lot of layouts :


However I do find it annoying that when I do restart my laptop, I lose all of it. I really wish I could ‘save a layout’ somewhere and then from single hotkey, open all my spaces in their correct places.

Can I do that already perhaps? And if not, it would be amazing to add this feature. Thank you.

Wow, that’s a lot of spaces you have there.

When you say “save layout”, do you mean save the application windows that are open on each space?

Or perhaps which application is open on each space?

Both. Essentially I want to ‘save’ a layout. So Safari full screen is in space 4. iTerm full screen is in space 6 and so on. I press a hotkey and everything gets open in these spaces.

I understand. No, sorry, we don’t have anything that would open apps in fullscreen mode and put them in a specific space position. It might be possible with the TotalSpaces2 API to make something, but a fair bit of programming work to save the current state and be able to restore it.