Is there really 16 or only 15 spaces?

I am new to Total Spaces and are currently trialling before I purchase.
I have moved from Snow Lepoard (with spaces) to Mavericks and only moved when I heard of you app.

My question is, are there really 16 spaces or only 15 - one appears to be reserved for the ‘dashboard’. This in reality upsets all my numbering.

Another question is; the space selection (moving to) only appears to work with the numbered keys above my qwerty keyboard - it does not seem to function with my number pad on my usb keyboard.

Does anyone have any answers to these questions?


You can have 16 spaces. If you go to System Preferences -> Mission Control, and untick Show Dashboard as a space then the Dashboard will go away.

I’m not sure about your number key problem.

Are you using shortcuts set in TotalSpaces, or ones set in System Preferences->Keyboard preferences?

If you aren’t using ones set in TotalSpaces, then I recommend you try that - turn the ones off in System Preferences and click on the spaces shown in Layout prefs in TotalSpaces to set them there.

A rather more interesting question would be (at least for me):
Is it possible, without binary patching the Dock or (private) system frameworks, to have more than 16 spaces/virtual desktops?

For me, 64 or even 96 would be great (don’t ask for details why and yes, I know that this would require a more sophisticated visual management on screen).
But it seems, that CGSSetWorkspace( ), which is a private API call, somewhere in the ApplicationKit I think, doesn’t allow more than 16 spaces itself (perhaps due to a private table of spaces, which is limited to 16 entries). I would have to dig into my xcode project, to sort out these things again, but if I remember correctly, it just didn’t work.

Any ideas or facts on this subject?

Technically it’s possible to have more than 16 desktops on Mavericks. But it only happens when you have many desktops on more than one screen, and you unplug the other monitor. The desktops from the unplugged monitor are then migrated to the screen that still exists.

So I have seen more than 16 exist on one screen, but only in this circumstance. You can’t explicitly create more than 16.

That’s too bad to hear. Apple fails to deliver a really good operating system in terms of what could be possible and user-configurable in my opinion; that’s why I stopped upgrading at 10.6.6 at my home development machine - after that, the quality of the OS got worse (it’s what you get, if a company starts to think, they would know, what the user wants and not even give you some kind of configuration mechanism).

Nonetheless, I have found some kind of solution to this “problem” of mine, and simply bought some displays, so I have now a working 5 monitor setup at my office workplace. This yields 80 (16 x 5) screens in total and is enough for now. Now it’s similar to the look-and-feel to my home machine, with its three monitors and Snow Leopard’s Virtual Desktop manager.

What is now left, is to find a way, to programmatically open all my necessary windows of all programs, and move them to the right Spaces, as the OS cannot do that (it’s broken on all of my machines, either 10.7 or 10.8). Again, Apple fails to give us developers any kind of public and sane API to do that, so I either have to write some kind of Bot, which simulates user input (as the SizeUp application does) or totally reverse engineer the Dock or private frameworks by Apple in my free time. Geez!