Issue: Sort by file name in "order by type" mode

I usually use Total Finder (v1.5.5) in “order by type” and “sort by name” mode. Since Mavaricks (OS X 10.9) I have sorting problems on all my machines. The files and folders are ordered correctly by type. But the sorting doesn’t work correctly, as seen on attached screenshot.

I think this has some logic to it. Groups (type sections) are sorted by name: Dokumente, Ordner, PDF, Tabellen.

Folders on top feature sorts files inside groups, not groups themselves.

Okay and how do I sort folders inside the group “folders”?

Aha, I see your point. I’m going to reboot under Mavericks and test it on my machine. Will be back soon.

Well on my system. The folders are really sorted by name. I’m trying to reproduce your case.

@Brandungskieker Please could you force-quit Finder via CMD+OPT+ESC into plain and test the sorting there? So far I was unable to reproduce bad sort even with enabled German as system language.

The same. If I force quit the Finder and restart again, the folders are sorted correctly. After a few tab-closings and openings, the folder are be unsorted.
Could it be possible that the “root” Finder and Total Finder are incompatible in this sorting case?

It is striking that the folder on the first opening are sorted correctly. Only after about 0.5 seconds messed up the folder.

I was able to reproduce it. It is somehow related to adding new files to the view. Finder can do it incrementally for folders with many items. Looking for solution…

I did deep testing of Finder under Mavericks 10.9.1 and the bug is in Finder itself. I was able to reproduce unordered names when switching between folders which have Order By Type and Sort By Name settings.

TotalFinder’s code is correct. I do not try to re-sort Finder’s sorting. I just reorder items that dot folders go first, then normal folders, then dot files and finally normal files. If Finder provides bad sorting in the first place, the result will be wrong - I just operate on top of it.

Okay, I thought as much. Are you able to report this bug to apple?

I won’t do that. I guess others will do :wink:

This happens to me too. I open a folder and it’s not in alphabetical order. I click a different folder and then back to the original folder and it’s in alphabetical order as it should be. So this is a glitch that is super annoying. How do we resolve this?

Running Sierra 10.12.6