Launch TotalSpaces before any other app at startup?

The issue I’m experiencing is that TotalSpaces does not launch before any other app - thus the windows get jumbled up most of the times no a restart. I then have to drag everything into its place every single time. Is there a way to get TotalSpaces to launch first so that the previous window positions stick?

Ah, I don’t think that would help. The desktops are OSX / Mission Control desktops, so they are already present and it doesn’t matter if TS is started or not.

If you assign apps to particular desktops, then they should end up in the right place.

But if you are not assigning, then which desktop each window is on is not remembered by OSX.

I realise this is an issue for some people, but Apple haven’t implemented any possibility to assign (or remember) windows on a particular desktop. It may be that we could implement something ourselves based on app and window title, but we sorry don’t have anything to offer right now.