Macbook Pro - Multiple Setups

I use a Macbook Pro with TotalSpaces 2 at my office, and it’s great. I have two external displays (Dell’s) with my laptop display.

Sometimes, however, I bring my Macbook Pro home to work. At home I have two Apple Thunderbolt displays.

This confuses TotalSpaces to no end. When I return to work, I then have to reconfigure the whole thing. In addition, my applications then disappear from the list of destinations, and I have to re-add everything.

It would be great if this program could detect the names of the monitors, and store settings according to those setups to support people moving around between different arrangements.

Or is there are way to force the program to not reconfigure itself?

Hi, we are working on this.

Normally I put the blame on OSX because we don’t actually modify the default behaviour when it comes to how spaces are assigned to each screen. But to be honest, because OSX works really badly in this respect and we are experimenting with some plugins for TotalSpaces2 to do something about it. I hope to have something to share this weekend.

Oh good. I just replied in the thread I created that is very similar to this. What you are working on to tag windows to spaces and spaces to displays would be great. I go from multiple to single, but Ryan goes from Dell externals to Apple externals so you have note additionally the type of display and save/restore space layout based on that.

When it comes down to it, it’s sad to say that Apple is no longer tweaking their past innovations to work out the bugs but instead seems to be downgrading functionality as they strive for something else. I wish they would leave well enough alone on some things and focus on other needed technologies…!!!