macOS Big Sur and TotalFinder

I know its only become available today (I’m downloading now); but I was curious if you planned on TotalFinder working in Big Sur? Any information you might be able to share would be awesome, after you’ve had a chance to take a look at macOS 10.16.

Thanks, in advance!!

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TotalFinder 1.12.3 is unlikely to work out-of-the-box. I would guess that they changed some Finder internals at least to implement the new UI changes.

I will install macOS 10.16 later this week and take a look. I will do my best to adapt TotalFinder to the new Finder - hopefully keeping all existing features working as before.


Would appreciate that. I much prefer TF’s tabbed interface to the native one. I also make extensive use of the cut/ copy/ paste buttons. Those are the features I need the most. Hopefully, it won’t take a lot to get the core Functionality working.

Thanks for all you do!


Can’t tell much from a demo in YouTube but… have we lost tags in the new native Finder ?? TF will be essential if that is the case !!

Hi, are there any News about…?
@darwin, its just 30 Days later…?


I’m sorry. So far I haven’t been able get it working. The issue seems to be that TotalFinder cannot be injected into Finder for some reason.

Don’t feel the need to apologise - it is still early on with this operating system - it is bound to break things at this stage. I’ve been using your software since the beginning - I have utmost faith that you’ll find a workaround to the current OS changes. Don’t sweat it pal : )

Most likely looks like your users will need Library Validation disabled as well as SIP
Shouldn’t be a big deal for those already willing to turn off SIP
I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes it’s way to Catalina at some point as well. Basically all apps actively being developed by Apple have this set on.

Big Sur

codesign -dvvvv /System/Library/CoreServices/
CodeDirectory v=20100 size=87553 flags=0x2000(library-validation) hashes=2729+5 location=embedded


codesign -dvvvv /System/Library/CoreServices/
CodeDirectory v=20100 size=85729 flags=0x0(none) hashes=2672+5 location=embedded

To disable Library Validation just run the following command with SIP off. Then reboot. You don’t need to be in Recovery Mode to run the command but you can set it there I belive.

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisableLibraryValidation -bool true

Not sure if there’s anything beyond that stopping the injection. I have no problem with my sidebar coloring tweak loading.

EDIT: Confirmed, except none of the features seem to be available post loading…

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Hmmm… perhaps a different logic method to do the injection or perhaps a different method to get the features to work is needed. I’m guessing here. My strengths are in testing, not coding.

Most likely some work would be needed to accommodate the UI changes made to Finder in Big Sur. Not sure if the core of Finder has changed much or not but I kinda doubt it has.

I’m 100% sure given some time TotalFinder can be updated to support Big Sur since I’ve already demonstrated my own implementation of one of the features (colored sidebar).

It’s unlikely anything needs to change about the injection method aside from requiring users to run without Library Validation. Although personally I’d probably switch away from using .osax scripting to load I don’t think it inherently presents any problems.