macOS Sierra random crashes/stoppages

Ever since last version, Totalspaces has been randomly stopped working, multiple times daily.

Have to force quit Totalspaces and run it again.

SIP is disabled, has been since day 1.

Please fix this…


We’d love to fix it… Can you give me a bit more detail - what happens when it stops working? Are you unable to use hotkeys? Overview grid? Menu bar icon stops working?

Any more details you can give would help trying to understand the issue.

The app is still running, no error messages just does not respond to swiping or any gesture. As far as I can tell everything is fine except transition gesture do not work


Check out all the crash reports I have sent in. I just resent them all to support. This is one app I use consistently to restore the grid with spaces I had in 10.6. Hard to live without it. Need it working. I get lots of crashes and odd stuff where it will change screen but the grid in the center is still slightly visible for about 5-10 seconds now. That’s a new one.

Thanks for the crash reports. Am investigating.

I have TotalSpaces 2 under macOS Sierra 10.12.1 & 10.12.2 just randomly crash without a message. It just goes away from the menu bar (no crash dialogue).When I manually restart it, it knows the geometry, exposure and Desktop of every application including the current workspace, a very minor annoyance.

I will look for logs next time it happens. It happens once or twice a week and I am on my iMac a good 10 hours a day.

I so hope Apple does something so we do not loose TotalSpaces 2 (or later) so you can functionally run without the SIP modifications that are “unsupported”. I wish Apple was responsive to their Mac developers and users but we are becoming less and less important to them and their bottom line. Who would have thought that a cellphone OS would be more important to them?

Binary Age makes great products!

There are one or two things I do find that could cause crashes in 2.4.9 / 2.5.0, I hope to be able to push a new release over Christmas.

Yes, it would be nice if apple supported us developers more.

Christmas has passed now. Got any updates coming?

Sorry, it takes a bit longer, I understand it’s frustrating to have to wait.