Mavericks - Jump to space doesn't work

Trying to set Ctrl-number key to jump to that numbered space. Can’t do it. Won’t upgrade to v2 unless this is sorted. Help?

To set those hotkeys, you just click on the spaces in Layout preferences.

If you are doing that, what are the symptoms?

(BTW, if you have those keys set in Keyboard prefs (Shortcuts->Mission Control) it will also work, but you should only have them set in one place or the other)

OK thanks. It didn’t work until I did a restart, now having disabled that Mission Control rubbish Total Spaces does what I want. Except . . . I use a 3x3 matrix with 9 spaces and I really hate seeing it come up all in one horizontal line. I want to see the 9 spaces displayed in the correct grid as Spaces used to when Apple first brought out the feature as that’s how I conceptualise what’s where.

That’s what the overview grid is for - have you set a hotkey to activate that? (In TotalSpaces Hotkeys prefs)