Microsoft Office Applications not working properly with TS2

I just posted about the problems encountered with using the move current hotkey with Microsoft office 2011 applications. I have also noticed some other behaviours that appear buggy.

When I use the mouse to hold onto a window and then switch to a different space using a hotkey the application does come to the new space but I also see that application in the previous space from where it came from (it’s now in two spaces).

Also, sometimes when I have multiple Word/PowerPoint/Excel documents open in multiple spaces the active space changes between documents automatically without my doing. For example, I might have PP documents open in spaces 5 and 6. I’m working on the document in space 5 but when I attempt to move to space 6 I automatically get redirected back to space 5. It’s like a magnet is keeping me on space 5.

These two scenarios only happen with Microsoft Office Applications.

For the record, we had some correspondence on this issue - it could be related to how the Office apps react when assigned to specific desktops. Try unassigning them to see if it helps.