Missing the "New Terminal at folder" service

While using TotalFinder, I’m missing the “New Terminal at folder” service, which was available in the Finder. I believe it’s provided by the Terminal app itself, and it still appears in the Keyboard System Pref. My guess is that the service is keyed only to Finder, and not TotalFinder. I also use TotalTerminal, so maybe that’s the issue, or it’s an interaction between them. I tried to determine which it was (briefly), but my troubleshooting skills failed me. I’m hoping someone has the answer, before I put more time in.

  1. If TF is the issue, is it be possible to make services aimed at the Finder pass through TF?
  2. If TT is the blocking the way somehow, can that barrier be removed?
  3. Finally, if those aren’t the problem, or aren’t solvable, can I make a service for TF to replace the new Terminal function? (I know roughly how to make services with AppleScript.)

OSX 10.10.2, TF 1.6.17, TT 1.5.4.

Thanks in advance.

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