Move_window_to_space not working

API version 2.2.1, TS2 v2.4.9, macOS 10.12.2

move_window_to_space() and move_window_to_space_on_display() are both failing. They return true inconsistently (same arguments, did not open or close any windows or change the grid). Even when they return true, the window doesn’t move.

What can I try? Thank you

I’ll try to reproduce this issue.

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Same here.

Three of the tests in TotalSpaces2Test fail:

  • Failure: test_can_move_space(TotalSpaces2Test)
  • Failure: test_can_move_window(TotalSpaces2Test)
  • is not true.

My environment:

  • macOS Sierra 0.12.5 (16F73)
  • Ruby 2.3.1p112
  • TotalSpaces2 v2.5.4

Hope this will be fixed sometime soon. Thanks!

It will be fixed for the next release, but as that won’t be until Sept, I’ll try to get a version where it works posted here in the mean time,

I confirmed this has been fixed with 2.6.2 posted elsewhere.

It’s working like a charm. Thanks a lot!