Moving window across displays in Overview Grid

Trialling TotalSpaces2 on Mavericks on Macbook (17" 1920x1200) + 2nd monitor (24" 1920x1200). When in Overview Grid, I noticed that I can move windows from a space on the Macbook screen to a space on the secondary monitor but not vice versa. Is there a reason behind this?

Also, to take it a step further, I noticed that although it’s possible to reorder spaces on the same monitor, it’s impossible to drag a space from one monitor to the other. I realise that when your displays run under different resolutions, it makes sense to disallow this operation, but in my case resolution is identical across both displays. Any plans to make this possible in the future?

Hi… Issue (1) must be a bug - you are supposed to be able to drag windows both ways. I try to reproduce the problem.

Issue (2) is yes, disallowed. OSX does in fact support moving a space from one monitor to another, but you have to do that in Mission Control for now. Yes TotalSpaces may support it at some point.

Hi Stephen

Thanks for your response and thanks for TotalSpaces - totally saved my day and I’m definitely sticking with it.

Yes I do use Mission Control for a couple of things not (yet?) available in TotalSpaces: namely adding a space and deleting a space (and the 2 issues mentioned already). Do we get to keep our hopes up for seeing these added in the near future? Not critical I guess, as one could use Mission Control for now. It would just be great to make TotalSpaces a full replacement for that MC crap (and show Apple how it’s done).

About (1) please let me know if I can be of any assistance in reproducing the issue.

Hi, you can add and remove spaces in Layout prefs in TotalSpaces, but it is a longer term goal to move as much of that configuration as possible to the overview grid.

I may get back to you about (1), thanks.