Multiple displays and hotkeys?


I have been using TotalSpaces2 for years and I love it. It really is SO helpful!

I use three horizontally-aligned monitors and the only real frustration I have is the inability to hotkey to a specific space on a specific display without having that specific display in focus.

For example, if I’m hammering away on a script on Display1/Space1 and then find that I need to refer to information that’s located in an app on Display3/Space2, I have to move the mouse to Display3 before I can use the hotkey to bring up the desired Space2. (I know, the horrors, right?)

My laziness aside, It would streamline things quite a bit to be able to open a specific space on any display from any display?

I searched the forum and found a few questions regarding this issue, including a request for the same feature from 2013. The answer involved terms like API, Gem, Ruby and Binding… LOL! I know NOTHING about coding so I have no idea what all that means or how to begin to do anything with them.

I understand that this may very well be a feature that is challenging to implement. If so, I get it.
But, if it is reasonably doable… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I still love the app and will continue to use it!

Thanks! And have a great day!


Yes, it’s possible using the API, but indeed that’s rather complex.

It’s pretty complex and challenging to implement for sure, and it’s not been a priority. Sorry I don’t have any easy solution for you just now.