Multiple displays: TotalSpaces loses settings when moving workstations

Hi I am using my laptop at work and at home with multiple displays (work: HP, Philips - home: Apple Cinema HD).
I do use a a 3 by 4 matrix on each display (i.e. each display has 12 spaces) and have pre-defined apps assigned to the spaces.
When moving between the various “workstations” TotalSpaces loses this setting (not the background BTW - happened in earlier OS X version too) and reverts to a 24 spaces setting for the main display (as set in SysPref) and only one space for the second display.
Any suggestions how to troubleshoot this issue?
BTW, OSX does not forget the display settings for the various arrangement (for example at work displays are arranged vertically, at home horizontally).
Many thanks in advance

I have indeed heard of this problem with OS X forgetting which screen desktops are supposed to be on, and it appears that this user figured out why it happens:

Does this help?

Hi Stephen, thanks for your swift reply. I will test Scott’s suggestion, fyi I’ve upgraded to Yosemite (running 10.10.1), but left the monitor/display settings unchanged.