Multiple Monitors Randomising Spaces


I’m having an issue where each time I start up the mac my spaces that are assigned to certain monitors (I’m running 4 at the moment) are randomised between the monitors. Three of the monitors are randomised in which spaces are assigned to them. The main monitor is the only one which is exempt from these randomised orders.

When I start up the applications I have assigned to the left monitor are now in the right monitor, or the centre above monitor. The same thing happens with the applications assigned to spaces on the right monitor. They can be in the left or the centre above monitor. The centre bellow monitor is the only one not affected, and always has it’s assigned spaces and applications in the monitor.

I hope this makes sense. 2 of the monitors I have are the same model, and the other 2 are different models. This does not seem to affect things, as 3 of the monitors are affected.

This is a problem we’ve seen before in various guises. The background is the TotalSpaces2 is built using Mission Control spaces, and for some reason macOS does not correctly remember which monitor the spaces go on. I haven’t been able to determine exactly why / when this happens, but for those people it happens to it’s very irritating.

Although I don’t have a direct solution, I made a plugin for TotalSpaces2 that can record and restore space layouts.

You can find it here:

You can record a particular layout, and restore that layout after you reboot your Mac. Please try it and let me know any problems.

Note: You need a licensed copy of TotalSpaces2 for this plugin to work.