New MacBooks with no Recovery Partition

I have two new 2017 MacBooks that came with High Sierra preinstalled. Neither one has a recovery partition. Therefore, when I hold Command R at boot, the only option is Internet Recovery and once it has loaded, the command csrutil disable in terminal returns an error that the “command not found”. Thus, I cannot disable SIP and install TotalFinder. Which is a shame since I’ve been using it for years and love it.

I hope there is a fix or a way around this.

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This is alarming ! I intend to upgrade in the next year or two.

You may want to research ‘Carbon Copy Cloner’ , it has a built in utility to create a Recovery Partition and takes care of all the technical stuff. Suggest you get in touch with them to confirm it meets your needs.


See this article:

A few years back I wrote this article, look at the featured comment below the article: