New Tab and New Windows are same

Maybe someone can help me. I reinstalled my system and therefor had to install Totalfinder again. It is 1.10.10.

I press cmd+T and a new tab opens
I press cmd+N and a new tab opens

What? I want cmd+N to open a new window. I sometimes use tabs and sometimes use more windows. Is the intentionally? In previous versions this effect did not occur.

If you open a new tab and want it to become a window, you can drag the tab out onto the desktop and it will become a new window.

are you serious, thats your solution?
thanks for your thoughts, but please be serious.

Go to TotalFInder preferences/ tabs / check the box marked ‘Freelance Windows’. That did the trick for me

thanks. did the job. i did not see that option.

Makes no difference whether ‘Freelance Windows’ is checked or not. Whenever I type Command N Visor opens with a new Home tab. Likewise, Finder -> New Finder Window no longer opens a new window, but only a new Home tab in the Visor window.

There does not appear to be a way to actually open a new Finder window.

This is new behavior, and appears to have started when I installed High Sierra a couple of weeks ago.


In High Sierra, New Finder Window does not work at all if TotalFinder is running. Whether Visor is running or not, makes no difference. The difference is that if Visor IS running, then the New Finder Window command will open a new Home tab in the Visor window. If you kill the TotalFinder processes, New Finder Window does work.

My limited testing shows that in Sierra and El Capitan, New Finder Window works as expected. That is, whether TotalFinder is running or not, and whether Visor is running or not, the New Finder Window command will actually open a new Finder window.

Open in New Window from the context menu actually opens a new tab. If I really want that to be a new window, I can drag the tab out of the window and drop it to one side, and it becomes a new window.

option + T not work. what should I do?


If it were ok to use the OBVIOUS workaround, I would never have contributed to this thread.

Ok, let me chime in with some explanations.

Under normal circumstances TotalFinder tries to “capture” all new Finder “file browser instances” and convert them into tabs. Finder file browser instance could be a new Finder window or a new native Finder tab - depends on your Finder settings and macOS version. There is one exception, in case of a DMG file, TotalFinder lets Finder do its normal job and does not capture.

TotalFinder does have knowledge of the reasons why new Finder window is being opened and who and how originated it. It just sees new Finder browser created and at that point can decide to capture it.

I have implemented an escape hatch for people who want to opt-out. If you hold SHIFT key during new browser creation TotalFinder will let Finder do its normal job.

For example to open a folder in a new window, you right-click and select Open in New Window while holding SHIFT. Please note that you have to have unchecked Open folders in tabs instead of new windows in Finder -> Preferences -> General.

Unfortunately SHIFT interferes with other menu shortcuts. So for example SHIFT+CMD+N does not open new window, but actual menu item takes precedence.

I should consider overriding CMD+N and make it really open new TotalFinder window under all circumstances.

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