New tab button creates new window

Pressing the new tab button creates a new window, instead (see screenshot). I’ve restarted Finder, TotalFinder, and my computer. I’m running 10.10 with TotalFinder 1.6.16. Anybody have any suggestions?

Same thing happening here on OS X 10.10, with 1.6.12 (had to revert from .16 for other reasons)
Click the lozenge again and another separate window appears with every click.
And the same happens using the Visor feature.
And Cmd U, too!

Even more mysterious is that Apple’s tab system seems unaffected.

One interesting thing I just noticed is that if I click on the Trash icon in the Dock, it will create a new tab (and not a new window). So my work around is to hit that a few times to create the tabs I need. It’s definitely not ideal, but it gets the job done…for now.

I use an Admin account and a Standard account for everyday use.
TotalFinder worked as expected in the Admin account.
So I updated to 1.6.16 and all accounts now behave properly.
No idea why this happened but glad I can forget about it.

@astroras I am using an Admin account, but still have the same problem, so using an Admin can not be the whole story. @Ryan_Ringle did using an Admin account work for you? Or did you find a different fix, apart from “Trash work around”?

Wil Dieteren

Hello Wil,
I’m using an admin account, and I’m still experiencing the same issue. The only workaround I’ve found is the Trash icon trick.

Just adding myself to the list of New Tab opening New Window instead. OSX 10.10.2

Same here, only started happening this week!

Please install the latest beta and report back:

I have installed the latest beta. Had the same problem as stated above. Now clicking the new tab button creates a new tab but there is no lefthand sidebar and all files are listed as icons rather than list format. Still seems to be a raw fix that isn’t quite complete. Using beta .27

Use CMD+OPT+T (CMD+OPT+S) to bring toolbar (and sidebar) back.

TotalFinder does not try to dictate display options of folder being opened in a new tab. Display options are persistent from your last folder visit (or dictated by your custom Finder settings). This behaviour is by design.