New TotalFinder window unusable

I’m running v1.4.24 on OSX 10.9 GM, and whilst I had this problem previously it seems to have got worse.

If I don’t have a finder window open, and click the TotalFinder icon in the dock, a new finder window opens with 1 tab. I often find when I try to click on any of the items in the left-hand side bar or selected column view, that they are not recognised and the windows is unusable. If I click to open a new tab, this one is always usable and I and close the 1st tab down, but it’s a bit of a pain. Doesn’t happen every time, and I don’t think I’ve noticed it where a finder window is already open, especially one with multiple tabs.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Confirmed. I saw it several times on my machine both under 10.8 and 10.9.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to track it down. Hope I will catch this one soon. It is really annoying :frowning: