Not working in Yosemite :(

Didn’t see any topic about this, so just to let developers know that total finder isn’t working as well (already saw topic about totalspaces).

Yes, that’s no surprise. TotalFinder 1.6 launches but has too many issues and crashes often.

I’m working on it. Expect new update soon-ish.



Looking forward for an update :slight_smile:

Hey there!
Kept checking back into this topic every since 10.10 was released and I just registered here second the request.
Do you have an eta on a 10.10 compatible beta yet?

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I will release a new beta during this weekend. Most features are working. I had to disable some visual features of the original Finder and I will have to resolve them later (also depending on what Chrome guys implement under Yosemite - I would like to keep TotalFinder’s tabs the same).

Thanks for helping me testing it under Yosemite.


Pleas install TotalFinder 1.6.1 under Yosemite:

Please follow this topic for updates on TotalFinder status under Yosemite:

Unfortunately I have installed the the 1.6.1 release with Yosemite but TotalFinder does not seem to work at all! There’s no TotalFinder Section in the Finder Preferences and the the screen just blinks when I click on the TotalFinder App Icon. I look forward to a “Total” fix hopefully in the near future!!

@Lanman19 Please install the latest version 1.6.12. It should run pretty well under current public Yosemite version:

Hi, I just want to say “thanks” for TotalFinder. It is one of my most valued apps. It is greatly appreciated how hard you are continuously working on the app and its adaption to Yosemite.


I wanted to start by saying that I absolutely love TotalFinder which is why I wanted to write and let you know that with 1.6.12 I am still not able to use it at all in Yosemite. I’m sure you know and are working on a fix.

The “Show Visor” option is grayed out under the finder menu and it appears to just be completely disabled.

@jbburf please disable/enable Visor option in the preferences, this will fix it temporarily

Many others reported this problem. I’m looking for cause and solution.

Thanks, that does get it to work again. I’ll continue using the disable/enable work around until you find a fix. This is good enough for me for a while. Just glad to have my visor back :slight_smile: