On startup, TotalFinder doesn't automatically open

TotalFinder is set as a start up app in System Preferences.
It use to work but it doesn’t any more

I have read on other posts that back in August there was a solution for the next release.
Has this been fixed and if so why is this still happening? Any solution for this?

Further more, I have set the app command W to close tabs, but it seem to overtake the Finder.app command, so when TotalFinder doesn’t start up I realise this when I cannot close windows. Is there a way that both Finder and Totalfinder can share the same commands to close tabs and windows, if so what is the correct way to set this up?

There must be something wrong with your setup. CMD+W should work as expected without any special tweaking (under normal circumstances). Please double-check your System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts for possible re-mappings.

Does it inject TotalFinder into Finder.app when you launch TotalFinder.app from /Applications by hand?

Please check Console.app -> All Messages after your machine starts up. There should be some clues why it didn’t inject TotalFinder during startup.

RE: The command to close window…there was an issue where I had to close the window by selecting command+shift+w to close tab. There was no command for closing windows for some reason. I didn’t set any commands before this. So I then added command+w for finder.app and it worked for 2 days until today. I realized maybe totalfinder activated the close window to work again so now I deleted the setting for finder. It works now but not sure for how long.

I will restart soon and tell you the console command.

Hi Darwin Team

Here is the log. Its still not loading up on startup.

12/5/14 12:30:18.875 am TotalFinderCrashWatcher[374]: '/Users/.../Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Finder_2014-05-12-003018_[Edited].crash' crash report was not related to the target app

12/5/14 12:30:15.560 am TotalFinderCrashWatcher[374]: Watching '/Users/.../Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports' for new crash reports with prefix 'Finder'

12/5/14 12:30:15.510 am TotalFinder[348]: TotalFinder has been succesfully injected into com.apple.finder[244]

12/5/14 12:30:15.499 am Finder[244]: Launching TotalFinderCrashWatcher from '/Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinder.osax/Contents/Resources/TotalFinder.bundle/Contents/Resources/TotalFinderCrashWatcher.app'

12/5/14 12:30:15.498 am Finder[244]: TotalFinderInjector: Installing TotalFinder ...

12/5/14 12:30:15.481 am Finder[244]: TotalFinderInjector v1.6 received init event

12/5/14 12:30:13.780 am TotalFinder[348]: requesting injection into com.apple.finder[244]

12/5/14 12:30:13.778 am TotalFinder[348]: agent v1.6 started (TotalFinder)

12/5/14 12:30:12.134 am com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[227]: (com.binaryage.totalfinder.agent.19744[348]) Spawned and waiting for the debugger to attach before continuing...

To add, I have also uninstalled, and reinstalled the app.
It still won’t open on start up.

What is this “Spawned and waiting for the debugger to attach before continuing…”?

It looks like something stopped the agent and is waiting for debugger to attach. Do you use XCode, gdb?

You may try to create pristine brand new system user, log under it and try to run TotalFinder there. I think it will work.

Hi, I uninstalled an app called Liquid. Its very handy unfortunately its crashing with TotalFinder. http://www.liquid.info/

I hope you can install it and find a way around it.
I previously had a crash pop up window from Total Finder and I sent to you a crash report. Thanks.

Unfortunately in the crash report there is no useful info for me. It looks like completely random crash in “nowhere”. Usually I get this kind of crash reports from users running some buggy version of Google Drive client.