Open a Folder makes a Window without Close/Hide-Buttons (green/red/yellow Buttons)

Hi, after Update to the Version 10.15.3 DP2, i have to say, that since latest Versions of TF, if i open a Folder, i get a Window without any Buttons in the Menu-Bar.
I only close this Window in Finder/Ablage/ Tab schliessen…

After quit TF, all is ok.

Is this a Bug, See others this Issue too?

Please fix, if possible.

I’m currently running 10.15.3 and I’m not seetings this.

> sw_vers
ProductName:	Mac OS X
ProductVersion:	10.15.3
BuildVersion:	19D62e

What about trying to reset stuff into factory defaults?

Sorry no success… reset via Terminal, and via TF too…

This Addition …
This only happens, if no other Finder-Window is open and Doubleclick on Folder-Icon on Desktop, equal it is an Alias or Folder-Icon.

Hi, no changes to 10.15.4 DP1, open a Finder-Window (Tab) double-click on a Folder, it open a Window without any Buttons (red/green/yellow).
Only Option to close is via Finder/Ablage/Tab schliessen (sorry only German…)

What can i test or change to find my Problem here…?
delete, reinstall of TotalFinder didnt help.
Disable SIP complete didnt fix it too.