Open folder in TotalTerminal

I think it should be useful feature if I can use some hotkey to open current TotalFinder tab in TotalTerminal (e.g. cd ~/Desktop/MyFolder ). It’s good to have feature like “Copy path”, but opening folder in Terminal or TotalTerminal would be 100 times better.
Thank you!


Agreed. This would be very helpful.

With the following shell command opens the given path in a new Terminal window:

open /some/path -a

Running the same command using gives the following warning dialog:

The document “path” could not be opened. TotalTerminal cannot open files in the “folder” format.

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I’m really missing this too. Hotkey, context-menu, etc. Is there some other way of opening a path in a TotalTerminal window/tab? To add it as a service using Automator.