Overview grid (overlay) often not shown on Mavericks with transition


I am now (recently been ‘up’-graded) using Mavericks and as I fell in love with TS previously, I have purchased the upgrade to TS2 for my transitions. I don’t actually need many of the features, but I think the 1-line sorting that Mavericks offers for workspaces is terrible, so I wanted to get back the 3x4 grid that I was used to.
It works pretty well so far. In fact, it always works, BUT:
When I transition between workspaces, I can see the overview grid as a grey overlay with the workspace names. This is exactly as I’d want it. However, it does not always appear. It usually works for a while, the stops working (the transitions themselves still work fine, I’m just not told which workspace I am moving onto, which makes it much harder to follow where you are.
I can solve this problem then by opening the TS2 preferences and closing them again. Voila, the gird is back.
As this happens a few times a day, this does become rather annoying at times.

Is this a known issue?
Is there a solution to it that I have missed? The forum (or google search) does not seem to have encountered this problem before.


I’m sorry I don’t immediately know why this is.

Do you swipe or use hotkeys to change space?

Do you have any clues as to what causes it? Perhaps after you used hotkeys and held them down for a long time, or some such thing?

No, I have no idea, sorry. I haven’t (yet) noticed anything repeatable. Having said that I might only notice hours later that it’s not working any more.

As I use my laptop closed with an external screen, I don’t have access to the touchpad, I use key shortcuts to change space.