Please add an option to select the active monitor based on the active window, not the mouse position

I almost never use the mouse while writing code, so it’s really annoying to try to use TotalSpaces on multiple monitors. It only wants to change the space on the monitor where the mouse is, as opposed to the one that contains the active window.

Can you please add an option to control this behavior?

Yes, I hope so soon - it’s very high on my todo list.

Actually this was quick, I implemented it today.

Install this version:

Then go to and paste this command in:

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 useActiveScreenForSwitching -bool YES

Let me know if it works ok.

Right, but this is still inconsistent. because when swipining with the trackpad, I definite3ly do want the mouse to decide on the window.

If that were fixed I would think it would make a lot of sense to have this option on by default.

also it should be part of the settings ui.

Interesting - though I wonder if all users of this feature feel the same way?

Hmm, well, if one kind of uses the trackpad with disregard to the mouse pointer, something which I must admit feels strange to me, but might make sense if one momentarily considers it more a gesture device than a mouse replacement, the other way nay make sense :).
Well, still would be nice to have that settable…

well, for me this makes the app effectively unusable. not trying to be a troll, but I got it to increase my productivity, and for that it has to work just the way I need it. this has me continuously switching the wrong screen. I would definitely buy if this is fixed, but this way I will uninstall now. sorry, maybe later

Thanks, was looking for this feature.