Possiable to disable animation and background blurring in expose?

Hi, I’m wondering if there are options or using commands to disable the animation and the background blurring when activating expose, it is extremely laggy when using multi-monitor, especially 4k monitor, even there are no windows on any monitors.
v2.6.15 with 10.13.1
macbook pro retina gtx 650m

Just to confirm, you are using Single Desktop Expose, and after activating it with hotkeys or hotcorner there is a long delay even if there are few windows?

I have seen longer activation times when there are many windows on a desktop, but without any windows the amount of work is quite small even with the blurring. So I’d like to find the cause of this.

instant expose is fast since there is no animaiton. Using single desktop expose, one addition 4k monitor with one window, the activation lag is not too noticeable, but the animation framerate drop is very apparent. HiDPI is off, the 4k monitor is overclocked to 38hz on the hdmi