Problem with Totalfinder v1.6.10 - Viewing folders in columns with side by side view

I’ve recently uploaded to the latest 1.6.10 version and experiencing a problem.

When I have two tabs open “side by side” and I am viewing my files using “columns” when I click on a folder, the contents comes up blank on the next column or sometimes only shows 1 or 2 of the files. This is wrong as I know there are files contained in this folder.

Anybody having these problems?

I tried uninstalling and downgrading to 1.6.2 - no problem. Works fine. I upgraded to 1.6.10 again - problem back again.

Screen grab below:

Please help.


I’m not experiencing that particular problem yet, but I’ve got another issue with TotalFinder after updating to 1.6.10.

When I have two tabs and I enter the split view, (command-U), I can’t scroll the second display window. If I try and grab the scroll bar it just snaps back.

I’m not sure if it’s a related issue, but if it is, I thought I would comment to this post, rather than open another one.


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I have the same problem, so I installed 1.6.2 and no problems anymore.
So I’m waiting for the next update…

Thank you for reporting. I’m going to investigate it. Have to catch all those minor issues introduced by big changes in 1.6.10.

Same thing here, I suppose I will go back one version if it is not fixed soon.

TotalFinder 1.6.11 released:

It would be great if you could confirm the problem got solved.

Hi Darwin, to confirm 1.6.11 has resolved my issue. Thanks so much. Paul

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Thanks Darwin,
1.6.11 seems to fix the wonky dual mode issue. I appreciate how quickly this was fixed.

Thanks Again

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