Problem with TS2/Mavericks shortcut

I have 9 desktops in a 3X3 grid and have assigned apps to each of them. For each desktop, I have function keys assigned. F1 through F8 work well for Spaces 1-8. However, F9 will NOT work for Space 9. Pressing it yields that error sound and nothing switches. Can you help troubleshoot this problem? Thanks.

I just tried F9 on my machine, and it works ok.

Is F9 assigned to some other function on your machine? (I guess because TotalSpaces allowed you to assign it that it isn’t, but worth checking your Keyboard preferences).

What kind of keyboard / machine do you have?

Thanks for the prompt response. F9 was assigned to Mission Control but I moved that to F10 where it is happily ensconced. And, more importantly and ion one of those strange computer occurrences, NOW F9 does work. I’ll write again if things change, but, for now, all is copasetic.

Ok, good! Let me know if it recurs.