Quicklook in Visor ducks behind Visor Finder window

When I highlight a file in the Visor and press the spacebar (or use the QuickLook toolbar button,) the QuickLook preview is displayed behind the Visor with no way to bring it to the foreground.

TotalFinder 1.4.30
OS X 10.8.5

Don’t you have “Show on top of the Dock” setting enabled? Look in TotalFinder Preferences -> Visor

OK, so when I have “Show on top of the Dock” DISABLED it works as expected.

That setting name is a bit misleading if that’s what it’s meant to convey. To me that means when Dock auto-hide is enabled and you bring your mouse to the bottom whether the dock appears above the Visor window or not. Though I don’t know why you would ever want it to appear behind, but that’s how it currently seems to work.

Anyway, I’m happy, what I need works.