Redesign TotalFinder?

Do you plan to redesign TotalFinder and TotalSpaces to be fully compatible with El Capitan? Guess many of us would scream at this outlook!

I can speak for TotalFinder only. The whole selling point of TotalFinder is that it is a plugin for Finder, not a separate standalone app. It is no longer possible to modify system in this way under El Capitan and there is no other way to do that. If there was, then Apple’s SIP would fail in its goal and would be effectively broken.

Please refer to “Technical Details” section here:

Hypothetically, imagine I found a way how to circumvent SIP without disabling it via Recovery OS. That would mean there is some thing in the system which is not well covered by system integrity protection. At that point Apple engineers would go and fix it. I think I have better things to do with my time.

thx! I well realize that. However you could create an alternative to Pathfinder&Co, as we got used to yr way of designing software.

There are already pretty good standalone Finder alternatives. Also building one is not a job for single developer. Those are multi-year efforts of multiple people. It is difficult to build a piece of software which would beat Finder (UX and functionality). Finder is huge.

I guess. You know better than me. I just hate to see TotalFinder leave …

Have you considered open sourcing the project at this point?

Yes, considered it multiple times. But decided not to do that at this point.