Renumber TotalSpaces spaces computer style

We can’t get rid of the widgets space - it’s always there, whether we use spaces or total spaces. Ditto for the default space. I would like to see the widgets space be considered space “0” in TotalSpaces. And by extension, the first space be considered space “1”. In my head the spaces I have created are one - two - three - four. But because TS considers the widgets space to be space 1, the readout on the menubar each space has a “1” added so when I’m in space three TS displays 4.

This is something that seems to have changed between TS 1.x and TS 2.x. I distinctly remember my space numbers aligning with TS’s before.

Computer people start numbering at 0. I’d like to see TS do so also. Or at least have a preference setting for those like me.



You can turn the dashboard off - In System Preferences -> Mission Control you can untick “Show Dashboard as a space”. Then it shouldn’t affect the space numbering.

Thanks for that - but I’m in the habit of going to space one then “left” one space to get to mission control. I suppose I could get in the habit of going to dashboard a different way … but I still think numbering dashboard as “0” makes contextual sense, as long as the default desktop is always “1” regardless of the setting of “Show dashboard as a space”.

In the meantime I’ll try your suggestion and see if I can retrain my muscle memory.