Request feature to pull app/windows to current Space

By default, clicking on a running app icon in the Dock will take you to the Space that app is running on. It would be nice to have a feature in TotalSpace where holding a set of modifiers and clicking on an app icon in the Dock will pull all windows for that app to the current Space.

For comparison, macOS already has a built-in feature where holding Command and clicking on a minimized window in the Dock will restore that window to the current Space rather than the Space that window original resided.

I propose using Shift for the modifier, as bare Command, Ctrl, and Option are already in use.

  • Command click = Reveal app in Finder
  • Option click = Toggle Hide
  • Ctrl click = Contextual menu

Nice idea. Intercepting the app activation to implement this might be possible. but would certainly be a matter for research (so I mean it’s not simple to do).