[RESOLVED] File Moving/Copying UI BUG in 1.6.2x betas? (must to top area/outside of tab?)

Before you read the bottom, more regression:

In 1.6.17 I can move/copy files INTO (inside) the tab area and get move/copy focus even with “narrow tabs”.

In 1.6.23(? where I first noticed) I must move the dragged files to the TOP EDGE of the tab (even outside the bounds of the tab!) or I do not get focus, feedback UI, or ability to move/copy.

For an uninitiated user, it looks like below. Why did everything move 10-15 pixels UP for dragging/moving?

I’ve regressed this in 1.6.17: I can MOVE files from one folder to another folder on the same HD, or I can COPY from one HD to my other one via different tabs.

But starting around 1.6.23 or so I have lost the ability to:

  • Get “focus marks” when I drag files from one tab to another.
  • Get ANY “new focus” on the tabs that I’m dragging to.

File move/copy functionality seems to be utterly broken. I have to deinstall and then go back to 1.6.17.

I hope this gets noticed/regressed… I really use TotalFinder to bop files around by dragging to tabs.

Yes, this is on shipping Yosemite 10.10.3.

You are right, thank you for reporting.

This is another reincarnation of the problem here:

When drag&dropping only top pixels work. You can use a workaround described there:

I’m going to fix it in the next release.

TotalFinder 1.6.27 should contain fix for this issue:

Thank you darwin… confirmed that it seems to be fixed (back to “normal”), including with “Narrow Tabs” which is how I like to run TotalFinder. Thank you!!

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