Returns to original space

I have two Macs running High Sierra and Total Spaces, though this problem goes back at least to Sierra and maybe further. On one computer clicking on a space in the overview does not go to that space but rather back to the current space.

Several tries might eventually see it work, but it’s easier to just use the arrow keys to get to the desired space. The other Mac does not have this problem.

That’s interesting, possibly due to some kind of mishandling of mouse events. Does the misbehaving mac have multiple monitors?

No, just a single monitor.

Hmm, then it’s an issue I don’t recall seeing before. What model is the machine that is misbehaving?

Mac Mini Late 2012 16GB 256GB SSD- upgraded from 4GB. Running High Sierra 10.13.6, the latest, though this behavior goes back at least a year. Running TotalSpaces2 v2.7.5.

It’s my wife’s machine; mine is a bit newer Mac Mini running the same OS, but doesn’t have the problem. She uses a mouse; I use a trackpad. She says she’ll do a screen share if that’s helpful. I’m a software developer and can do whatever might shed light on the problem. Thanks for pursuing this.

I’ll try on a mac mini, I have one here, let’s see whether it will run High Sierra…

Just wondering if you managed to reproduce this. Kind of hard to believe that the Mac model matters.