Right Click, Rename File stop working randomly

TotalFinder 1.5.22, OSX 10.9.2

Randomly stops letting me right click on files, and randomly won’t let me rename files. Pain in the ass. (Sorry, frustration prevailed, I really do appreciate your common updates and quick responses)

Also, I thought it was but I’m not sure: Cmd+X still doesn’t work for Cut. (I believe it used to)

This one will be hard to catch. I will keep it on my radar, if I can spot some problems myself.

Any way for me to generate a bug report when it happens?

Would be great to find a way how to reproduce it.

Many people reporting cut feature gets broken over time (randomly). Now you claim right-click context menu can also break. I need a way how to reproduce it myself or at least some clues what is wrong. In case of cut operation, maybe the main menu item is disabled?

Can you both reproduce it like I described here: Renaming file causes error code 43

At least the issues with renaming and CMD+X are related.