Screen re-draw issue with TS 2.1.10, TF 1.6, and slide transition

I’ve just noticed that whenever I switch spaces (using any method) using the slide transition in TS 2.1.10, there is a noticeable delay for the re-drawing of the Visor window using TF 1.6. For example, if the (pinned) Visor is visible on Desktop 1, and I switch to Desktop 2, I briefly see the outline of the Visor filled in with a gray background. A split second later the contents of the Visor actually show up. The delay is very short, but is noticeable and actually quite distracting.

I only started seeing this behavior after updating to TF 1.6, but it only happens if the slide transition is set in TS, so I’m not sure if the culprit is TF or TS. No other transitions seem to have this problem. I know this is really just an aesthetic issue, and they are probably more pressing problems, but is there anything that could be done about this?

Let me know if a short video would help describe the problem better and I’ll gladly post one.


OK, I think I have nailed down the problem: it’s not TF or TS, it’s Flavours. This slow re-drawing behavior appears to have been introduced by a recent update of that program; the issue completely disappeared when I disabled Flavours. I will contact the developer to see if he has any input.

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Ok, do let us know if you get any feedback.