Shortcut for Expose: CTRL + Arrow

By removing “system keyboard shortcut” ctrl + right arrow I can utilize TotalSpaces shortcut, which is great ( loving the speedy “no transition” ). However, I can’t do a ctrl + right/left to navigate my Expose spaces anymore.

Before you think I’m a complete loon for doing a keyboard ctrl+arrow every time to navigate - I’ve bound a macro on my Logitech mouse to do it for me. I just do a “tilt wheel left/right” and swoosh away to the previous/next space.

When using a trackpad, I’ve set TotalSpaces to listen for 3 finger movement, and it works flawlessly with native Expose, which is basically what I’d want the “ctrl+right” to do as well. Possible ?


Mission control takes precedence with the hotkeys.

What you want is for TotalSpaces to get those hotkeys except when Mission Control-Expose is active.

I confess I don’t immediately know any way I could do that - at least it’s not an easy thing to implement.