Shortcut to the previous desktop

I know this really belongs in the realm of Mission Control itself, but I wish there was a hotkey / shortcut that would take me to the previous desktop I was on. Does anyone know a way to achieve that?

The only advice I can offer at the moment is cmd-tab - the first app showing will be the most recent one.

So if you have more or less 1 app per desktop this can work.

Thanks for the response.

That doesn’t work for me because I end up with multiple apps per desktop, and apps spread across multiple desktops, so I need to the setting off that takes you to a desktop where there is an open window for that app. (I have browsers and terminal windows on the go for different activities in different desktops and it makes getting back from checking email troublesome). Thanks for the idea, though.

I would suggest checking out
It changes windows instead of just applications.