"Show in Finder" not working in 1.11.3 under Mojave

I know that this is a long-standing problem but it is still happening in 1.11.3 under macOS 10.14 Mojave. An example, if you select “Show in Finder” from the Login Items list under System Preferences -> Users and Groups, it just doesn’t work. Interestingly, and perhaps significantly, it does work if Tabs in Total Finder preferences is disabled.

I just tested it here on my Mojave machine and it works for me.

Do you see any error messages in Console.app?

Does this help?

Not really. Filter the list with “Finder”.

And then observe messages when you attempt to do “Show in Finder”

Sorry! It’s the first time I’ve used console.app! Hang on a second…

How about this?

Not helpful. Never mind.

Could you try to reset TotalFinder into factory defaults? Via Finder Preferences -> TotalFinder -> About -> Reset TotalFinder to defaults.

No joy, I’m afraid!

What was I doing wrong with console.app?

You did it correctly. It wasn’t guaranteed that there will be something. I just tried.

I don’t know what is causing this. We could try another thing:

  1. create a new pristine user account via System Preferences -> Users & Groups
  2. log under it
  3. launch TotalFinder and try “Show in Finder” there

I wonder if it worked there.


I created a new test user and logged in with that, “Show in Finder” worked there.

I then logged in again as my default user and now “Show in Finder” works there as well!

I swear this machine has a mind of its own, sometimes!

Thanks for your help!


Yeah, there must be a subtle bug which causes this. The internet is full of people how have this issue even with plain Finder.app. There used to be a separate process which is responsible for delivering Apple Events between apps and this process could get stuck sometimes. The solution is to restart it and Apple Events (including “Reveal in Finder” start working again). This is probably what happened here. Switching users restarted this subsystem. Not sure how this works in Mojave, I can imagine they did many changes there to implement new security behaviours.