Show "Overview grid" with "4 finger swipe up" command on trackpad

Hi, I purchased totalspaces and love it.
The only problem I have is showing the overview grid, I find the keyboard shrotcut too complicated for a fast workflow.
I’m quite used with the standard “4 finger swipe up” for showing the Mission Control, it’s fast and works well.
Is it possible to show the TotalSpaces Overview Grid with the “4 finger swipe up” command?


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We have considered binding it to four finger double (or maybe single) tap in the past. Swipe up may be possible, although it tends to collide with Mission Control.

Since I’m not interested in Mission Control, I could switch it off in System Preferences.
How can i make the swipe work?

When I said it may be possible, I meant if we wrote the code to do it!

However, perhaps Better Touch Tool or something similar could help in the mean time.

hahaha! OK, I will try that app. Thanks good work to you and your team!

Hello !

Is it possible to implement this in an upcoming release ? As Im using only the keyboard and I dont use Mission Control anymore it would be perfect.

Thank you for another awesome product and I bought TS2 as soon as it was released and I really love this product.

It’s certainly on the list, but I’m not promising a timetable just now.

Some people find using a hotcorner helpful to trigger the overview grid from the mouse, by the way.

+1 - please add this - it’s the only thing stopping me from using TotalSpaces as a replacement for the built-in spaces.

I know this is an old request, but big +1 to this.

I’d really love to replace “4-finger swipe up” with TotalSpaces’s overview (rather than Mission Control).

I agree. +1

Hey TS2 developers.

Thanks for the best replacement of Apples old Exposé and Spaces solution! I think it’s actually better due to more settings :smile:

How are things going with the ‘4 finger swipe up’-gesture to get the overview grid/instant exposé? Is it hard to implement since this brilliant feature has not yet been implemented?

Hi @poltexious

The main reason it’s not trivial to implement is that it collides with the system gestures for Mission Control. This is fixable, but as you can see it hasn’t been a priority.

As I mentioned, I’d quite like to have 4 finger double tap, do you think that could work in your case?

If I understand you correct @stephen, it is possible to double tap/drag/select content with 3 fingers (“three finger drag” found in trackpad options). I use that a lot myself. I do not know how to enable this using 4 fingers, so maybe you are having something else in mind?

At the time being I am using betterTouchTool, but I am not a big fan of this workaround.

I think that as a developer one should listen to customers needs, and make things available as options giving the opportunity to the customer for decision making. This way, the customers can make decisions upon their needs :wink:

Please do not get me wrong. I really like and enjoy using your software, but nothing happens if you implement this feature as an option with information of eventual “consequences” this may have for an altered user experience.
With “consequences” I mean that the “4 finger swipe up for (instant) exposé”-feature in this case overwrites the OS X App Exposé feature, which is totally fine with me as a user. Again, as a user I do not need to do it, but maybe other users find this feature very handy and productive and therefore good.

This is exactly what you have done with the other features like transitions etc. As a user I may not need them, but other users may find this very good for their needs, and therefore it is only fair that these features are available as selectable options.

It is my opinion that the likelihood of having many happy users using ones software improves with more options, still having the KISS principle in mind, though.

Anyway, big thumps up for your software :+1: It is already much better than Apples own solution in Leopard and Snow Leopard due to more user-available options suiting their needs. However, this does not mean that it can not be improved even more!?