Since official 10.9.2 update, TF closes

I’m using 1.5.20 version of TF and since the official release of OS 10.9.2 (build 13C64), TF opens at startup but closes a few seconds later, without crash report.
The same version was running fine with the latest OS 10.9.2 beta.

It seems to be related with Google Drive. Since I took Google Drive out of the startup items, everything went fine again.
If I open Google Drive, TF closes…

I see similar behavior in Total Spaces, including quitting Google Drive fixing the issue.

Google Drive may crash silently or just start later than TotalFinder and restart Finder cleanly during its injection.

I don’t experience it here on my machine, but I had one or two people complaining in my inbox over last few months.

The workaround would be to launch later than Google Drive during startup. I could modify my agent software which is responsible for injection to delay injection for some time (If you don’t find another solution).

Thanks, Darwin, for your feedback.
However, it seems more complicated than that. If I don’t launch Google Drive at startup, TF opens normally. BUT, if I open Google Drive after some time, TF immediately closes. I think that’s a kind of incompatibility.

My theory is that for Google Drive to inject into Finder, it simply restarts the process under some circumstances. This wipes out previous TotalFinder instance, because it was running in the old Finder process. TotalFinder does not re-inject into the new process automatically (to prevent continuous crashing and also to enable people to go to plain Finder easily by killing Finder via CMD+OPT+ESC).

Yep, it seems to make sense…
Let’s hope that an update of Google Drive will change that behavior.
In the meantime, I will deactivate it as I prefer TF :smiley:
Once again, thanks for your help, Darwin!

Good news!
Since the 1.5.21 TF update, the problem seems to be fixed