Some apps don't work with TS expose

I am using the latest TS for High Sierra. I have a hot corner for Toggle Expose. I noticed that some apps such as Skype, VLC doesn’t play well though they works fine with the native High Sierra expose.

Thanks, that’s something I’ll need to investigate. Probably I’m not getting the correct window type.

I just tested with Skype and VLC. I didn’t see a problem, the windows were shown normally in Expose for me.

Can you describe the symptoms you see?

Ok I figured out why though it’s unexpected behavior imo. If I set an app to use “all spaces” then on toggle expose it doesn’t move. Seems like it should though.

Hi, you can try this version:

  • Fixed bug: “on all spaces” windows now appear correctly in overview grid and expose.
  • Fixed bug: when commanding a space change whilst in Mission Control, MC was not being cancelled.
  • Updated for High Sierra beta 5.

Thanks that solved the problem