Sorting Bug?

Ok, what the heck happened to sorting? I’m on OS 10.8.4, I have to go to the pull down menu to sort. When I sort by kind, it’s completely not separating my jpgs from my psd files. Completely annoying since I use that feature all the time. Do I need to do a fresh install or is this a bug?

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Well, I noticed on one of my computers that grouping by kind does not work there for some reason. Instead I get just two groups “Folders” and “Other”. Plain Finder behaves exactly the same way, so I assume it is some Finder issue. I didn’t investigate further.

Can you please try in plain Finder without TotalFinder running?

Well you know what’s weird is that it’s working now. Go figure. I didn’t relaunch it or anything, just pulled up another window and it’s all good. Very strange.

Maybe you have just experienced this issue: