Spaces collapse on sleep or reboot

I have a macbook air (10.9.2). When I sleep, reboot, or shutdown/power on applications all converge into the first space. Thoughts on how to fix this?

One thing you can do is to assign apps to particular desktops using the Apps tab of the TotalSpaces2 prefs panel.

Other than that, I think it’s difficult because OS X 10.9 does not remember specifically what windows were on what desktops over a restart.

I was hoping to use it to separate work from personal, pinning an application doesn’t work as I have one chrome window full of personal tabs, and one full of work tabs.

Why not just write out which space the apps are in on shutdown/suspend/periodically? This seems super trivial.

It somewhat depends… you are talking about identifying particular windows. Which may indeed be possible in most cases by the window title. (Although I wouldn’t say that would be always reliable).

So the general idea would be to periodically write out the windows on each desktop, and then have some kind of trigger after the machine has restarted and the apps have launched that would move the windows back to the right desktops.

I think writing and testing that is not super trivial, but indeed it’s not super hard either.

The good news is that if you are a developer and are keen on developing it yourself, you can do all this with the TotalSpaces2 API:

(Also you can directly use the C lib if you don’t want to use ruby ).

If my choice is between writing basic functionality into this program, and a refund. I’d much rather have a refund.

What’s the process for getting one?

From poking through tickets it seems like you quite often blame the underlying OS for things that could be easily solved application side, and frankly, it’s tiring.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s basic functionality, and clearly neither do apple.

TotalSpaces tries to make OS X spaces more usable, but not to solve every problem and incorporate every feature that people ask for.

Great, so how about a refund, since this app doens’t do what I think is basic functionality?

Sure. Just email us at

Sorry it doesn’t do what you you were hoping for.

(Side note: There is a 14 day trial period, we hope most cases like this can be avoided.)

"Stephen, that exchange shows why you’re cut out for developing end-user apps and reinforces my conviction that I am not. My response to Joel would have been quite different given the tone and content of his messages.

Keep up the good work of resisting creeping featurism. Consumers seldom understand that implementing every “simple request” can lead to a bloated, and difficult to maintain, code base."

Yet another reason to ask for a refund. I can’t believe this is the support interface.