Start TotalSpaces2 at system boot time?

Can TotalSpaces2 be started at system boot time either as a Startup Item or as a daemon, instead of as a user Login Item?

TotalSpaces2 is always the last thing to start when I login and it seems that I have to wait sometimes 30 seconds or more for it to finish launching before any of the hotkeys configured in TS2 Preferences can be used.

Ideally, the TS2 process would start at boot time, probably with default Preferences which would then be superseded by any user Preferences when a user logs in. I’m thinking that it might speed things up to have the process(es?) already up and running by the time a user logs in and his individual settings get read in. Any users who haven’t set Preferences would get the defaults.

Changing TotalSpaces2 to a different model rather than a user app is a substantial change, I don’t think I’d take that on.

But you may find help here: - Startupizer looks like a possible way to reduce the delay by ordering your startup item launches, but I haven’t tried it.