Strange behavior when in dual mode - Mavericks


I am getting this bug in Mavericks while in dual mode. The right side appears to have hidden icons. If I set the “automatically adjust widths in Column view”, the icons are shown correctly, but if I click on the left window, the icons hide again.

The other thing is that sometimes, icons simply hide, I have to go back and FW to get the icons back on sight.

I am using Mavericks and the latest TF.


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I think the problem has to do with the grid size, the grid size changes and hides the icons partially from the window.


It is very annoying. Icons disappear when I click on the left window. What do I need to do to get a little bit of attention?

I have exactly the same issue. Any news on this?

I have a similar issue with dual mode in list view. From what I can tell the left side behaves normally but the right side thinks its size is much wider than it is causing the name column to go way off screen preventing me from seeing any other columns. Scrolling right is impossible too (I assume cause it thinks the window is large enough to not need a scroll bar. If this is unclear I can post a screenshot.

Any news on this, please?

I’m also having this issue and it’s quite annoying. If you look closely, the fine gray line that separates the sidebar from the main window is missing from the right panel. The right sidebar seems to be floating over the main window rather than being separated from it.

No response from BA?? Ignoring your users is the surest way to lose them.

Me too. Right side columns will not stay fixed. Name column expands to fill the entire view whenever focus is removed. This is a real PITA.


Got the same problem here. Issue started with Mavericks, due [wild speculation alert] to 10.9’s tabbed browsing.

It’s getting annoying now, especially after the 1.5.2 update, which I hoped would sort this problem.

Not too sure that tabbed browsing can be disabled, though…

I have the same problem, which I noticed in column view because that’s what I use most often. In dual mode, the sidebar on the right side seems to lay on top of the files, and you can’t scroll over enough to see the folder, especially if the folder is empty. Is this an issue with the automatically adjust column width setting? I really need this reloved too

So far this is fixed in the latest beta builds. I am using 1.5.5 and can’t reproduce the bug anymore.

Identical issue, and more … sporadically, when I select a file (or folder) on the LEFT side of a dual pane and then perform some action, the action is performed on the file/folder selected in the RIGHT side of the dual pane. ‘Action’ includes pressing space-bar for quick view, or pressing Enter to rename, for example. No matter how many times I re-select the file/folder on the left side, the action is performed on the right-hand side file/folder. I haven’t been able to identify the conditions that initiate this behaviour, but once it starts, it continues.