Suggestion: Build TotalSpaces for Linux

Please, make TotalSpaces available for Linux!!! Maybe using Gnome Shell or something that will work on Gnome or even the whole Linux desktop ecosystem.

Thank you,
Amazing Software!!!

Hi, a nice thought, but that would be an entirely new development, I don’t think we could share any code at all with a Linux version.

Sorry we have no plans to do this.

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Why, if you want this get it on a Mac.

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Linux already had this for years. It’s called Compiz


Not all the companies support or have this option.

Even with plug-ins Compiz does not do all the things that the amazing TotalSpaces do. I am already talking with some Gnome developers, this can and will be implemented with extensions for Gnome.

Hello franciosi, sorry to use the original binaryage blog for this, but any news for Linux? :slight_smile: I stumbled over this because I wanted to make the same suggestion to the developer. I LOVE the app but am getting frustrated with some of Apple’s policies… including SIP.