Switch two desktops at the same time - keyboard shortcut

Thanks for great Mavericks upgrade of Total Spaces :smile:

The new approach for desktops in Mavericks is quite interesting, but for me there is one issue I can’t solve.

I’m using different sets of desktops to different projects - so switching desktops for me should switch both: external monitor and notebook screen. That is how it worked in Mountain Lion. Now - if I’m trying to switch for my “second project” I need to switch desktops separately - on notebook screen and external screen. This is quite annoying. Is it possible to allow assigning one keyboard shortcut for two (or more desktops) in TotalSpaces?

I know I can switch to old Mountain Lion behavior but I love the new full screen apps approach in Mavericks.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

My problem is connected to this: Bind Desktop Together - Link Desktops but as I wrote before - I would like to keep new desktop Mavericks approach and solve the issue with one simple function: binding two or more desktops to one keyboard shortcut.

+1 for this feature

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Yes, as I wrote before, I don’t know exactly how to solve this because each display may have a different spaces grid layout, so that might be confusing.

Although it may not be so bad because each display could just switch or not depending on where it was in the grid.

I’ve added it to my list of things to improve.


+1 for this feature. I use my machine like wkozicki. I honestly don’t need multiple rows of desktops though its appreciated. I mainly need to be able to have full screen apps, yet be able to switch them all at once.

The way I see it, its just a command to send all monitors to the right one or to the left one. If it can’t don’t. I suppose it’ll be strange if each monitor has a different configuration, but for people like me who have the same configuration across monitors its EXTREMELY helpful. Just make it off by default…

Or you could restrict users of this option to having one layout for all monitors. That would probably be easier for you I would guess.

Simple request and VASTLY helpful for me. I’d pay the $18 just for that.