Switching spaces is dragging the current window to the new space

I’ve noticed an annoying behavior in the last month or so with TotalSpaces that’s making it unusable for me.

Say I have two Spaces. Space #1 includes a Chrome window. Space #2 includes a TextWrangler window.

I’m doing something in Chrome on Space #1, and I decide to switch to Space #2.

Previously, TotalSpaces would move me over to the new space, I’d see a desktop with TextWrangler running, and I could start in using that app.

Now, when I switch to Space #2, TotalSpaces drags along Chrome for the ride. Now, in space #2, I have Chrome sitting in front of TextWrangler. Space #1 is, at this point, empty.

And this isn’t just happening with Chrome – this is happening for every app that I run.

For me, the whole point of having virtual desktops is to set up different apps (or sets of apps) on each desktop, so that I can easily switch between them. That means TotalSpaces is now useless to me. :frowning:

Is this intended behavior? Is it a known issue? Is there a setting that I can change to make this behavior go away?


Can you check the Hotkeys settings in TotalSpaces?

Do you have Move current window set there? You can turn it off by just deselecting all the modifiers, see below:

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That was exactly the problem. Somehow I’d accidentally switched on all of the modifiers for “Move current window”. Turned them off and now we’re right as rain.